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Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Lellie!

Well today was Helen's 20th birthday. Officially out of her teens and into her 20s! As we had her birthday party the day before, she was lucky enough to be able to tuck into a large chunk of chocolate cake for her birthday breakfast! A perfect way to start a birthday if you ask me!

Cops that Drop

Congratulations to the mad, mad people I work with for completing their tandem parachute jump! Following the struggle one of our female DC's had against breast cancer, a number of people on the Major Crime Branch wanted to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Tina, the DC in question, suggested they raise money for the Royal Marsden which they have done so. They have set a target of £25,000 to be raised for the charity.

So their first fund raising event was their parachute jump. 8 brave members of staff volunteered to throw themselves out of a plane in order to raise loads of money as the Cops That Drop! As it was in Northamptonshire, the same weekend of the party, I went along to watch.

They all did it, however my boss had a near death experience when his first parachute failed and they had to use the reserve chute. Despite this he has said that he would do it all again!

So what's next the for the fund raising group? Well they are now turning into Cops That Trot and a group of people are doing the Great South Run in Portsmouth 28/10/2007. If you would like to sponsor them for this event, just click the hyperlink above!

Post-Script: Unfortunately Tina lost her brave fight against Breast Cancer in September 2007. The group carry on raising money in her memory.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A proper little man

I got to see Freddie this weekend also. He is now happily toddling around and is turning into a proper little chappie. Jenny and Gary brought him up to Mum and Dad's house and he was quite happy trying to get up and down the steps of their new pergola in the garden. To him, I think it felt like a huge climbing frame!

Party, Party, Party

To celebrate our engagement and Helen's 20th birthday we had a big family party at Mum and Dad's.

I made Helen a lovely chocolate cake. When it came to decorating it Dad insisted that he did the writing icing. I'm so glad he did because how else would Helen have ended up with a Happy Birtday! Fortunately we were able to rectify the mistake!

After a fair amount of food and drink, Helen blew her candles out ...

And we cut our cake ...

Then after we were treated to some live music by Uncle Paul and Tom ...

And then when it got really cold the entertainment moved inside and everyone joined in!

It really was a fantastic evening which was enjoyed by all and made our engagement a very special memory.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I have news ... Hell is in fact Beige

It has finally started ... we are getting rid of the bathroom from hell!

Our bathroom has to be one of the worst in the world. It was beige and I mean beige; beige suite, beige walls, beige tiles, beige toilet roll holder, beige mirror ... you get the picture. We decided it all needed to come out and that we needed to go for a white suite. So this weekend, Mum and Dad came down and Dad helped Simon to get rid of the old suite and plumb in a new one.

It took them all weekend, and Mum and Dad finally left about 1030pm on the Sunday thoroughly knackered. However, even though it looks like a war zone, there is no beige anywhere. It's going to be quite a task, but we'll get there in the end.

Thanks for the help Dad!