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Monday, November 22, 2004

Can i live without it?

Sugar that is. Have decided that i need to give up having it in my tea and coffee. S set me the challenge of doing it for two weeks - this is the period of time he believes it takes for it to stop tasting like poison and for you to stop wanting to spit the bitter sans sucre-ness!

First coffee of the day - yuk! May just give up tea and coffee instead!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A wise man once said ...

Last night i had my third Indian Head massage treatement from Crispin. Whilst i was there he said something which made a lot of sense. He said he often feels like he dosent get any proper 'me time' because he is busy rushing here, there and everywhere, but then he sat back and thought that although his life is exceptionally hectic he is lucky because apart from the time he has has to spend at work all his time is 'me time'. Everything else he does is through choice not obligation. His words made me aware that this is also true for me. Although i often feel run ragged with all the activities i am involved with, i choose to do it. Outside the MIR pretty much all my time is 'me time' which made me feel more content with the madness!

Mmmmmm Special! Posted by Hello
Found this whilst trauling the net for card making 'inspiration'. Think i would cry if i received this for my birthday!!!!