Blogging Baggins!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Simon and I were looking through the random photos he has of me on his phone and came across this one. I was soooooo chuffed with the 'cat ears avec tiara' that I tried on during a shopping trip to Crawley! Simon didnt let me buy them though unfortunately :-(

Maybe I just knew that in half ayears time I would be forced to put on bunny ears and a tail for my friends hen night. Really looking forward to that ...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meetings in London

Upper half of colossal statue of Ramesses II in granite
British Museum, London

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bean Update

The Zoe bean has grown. It took a little time to get going but as you can see it's well on its way to becoming a proper big beanstalk.

If you look very carefully you can see the "ZOE" on the actual bean. I grew my own name.

I think it will soon need re-potting to ensure I get to the magic kingdom in the clouds!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Off one wagon and on to another?

So I managed to go the full month without having a drink. I thought that was pretty good going myself! I had a beer with my dinner on the 1st of Feb which was heaven, so I don't think I am going to become a tea-totaller just yet but hey ho!

Owing to my success with the no-booze-a-thon I thought it was time to turn my attention to the really big issue in my life ... Chocolate.

Recently I have been a complete chocolate monster and just can't stop eating the stuff which is playing havoc with my waistline. So on 29th of January I decided I could give up chocolate and cakes and go right through to the end of Lent.

The 29th went well, however on the 30th I had the worst PMT (I was like a dragon at work) which almost made me cave in, but I didn't (I think my work colleagues wished I had!). However the next day I had the most God awful period pains and decided this just wasn't the time to be giving up the good stuff. So I guess I fell off the wagon. I failed.

Have decided now that I will wait until Lent and give it all up then!

Just FYI there are some very strange chocolate things out there. When I Googled 'chocolate' in images I found these:

The Consumerist blog states that:

"it turns out that chocolate is actually a depressive to boot. A team of psychiatrists just discovered that any uplifting effects of chocolate are pretty much limited to the anticipation and the taste, but the carbohydrates in chocolate actually prolong depression."

Who would write these lies?????? I felt soooooo much better after eating chocolate when I had PMT the other day! However in all fairness this Blog is ace for slating food and giving you a reason to be healthy!

And I also found these:

This is apparently an "
anatomically correct human heart". When I saw the pic I thought this must be something Gillian McKeith stylee as in they produce your favourite food in the shape of something it is radically affecting in your body to make you realise what you are doing to your body by eating it. But no. I went on to read that they are "... made from premium chocolate, they make the ultimate gift for mortuary students, pathologists, embalmers, or your sweetheart. "

Interesting eh? Looking for that unique valentines gift for your sweetheart???? Noooooooo I think not! However, it doesn't stop there, you can also buy them in the shape of the human brain and a tooth. Oh goodie, something for everyone then! If you are interested these can be purchased from "PushinDasies - a mortuary novelty shop". Is the world going crazy???

Possibly more worrying than the chocolate heart is the "Do It Yourself Embalming Kit". This is apparently:

the items used in real embalmings! All items are new and unused. Each kit comes with 2 eye caps, a mouth former, 2 injector needles, trocar button, 1 pair latex gloves, 2 toe tags (1 printed and 1 non-printed), and an embalming report. This is a unique collectible kit to get a glimpse of the tools of the trade."

Fortunately is does come with
a health warning:

This is not a toy and is for novelty and collector purposes only. Please do not try this at home."

Now is it me or is this just freaking weird?????

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Owlbeech Woods

Simon and I both had the day off today and as the sun was kinda shining we decided to go for a little walk. We hot-footed it over to Owlbeech Woods near Horsham and had a lovely walk in the woods. I had forgotten how brown and barren our countryside looks in the Wintertime though. Roll on the spring.